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better arrangement of the side panel
[pmachines.git] / main.py
8ee66edd 1'''This is the main file. This launches the application.'''
c7093023 2import lib.engine.log # so logging's info/debug are logged
3from sys import argv
4from panda3d.core import load_prc_file_data
5if '--version' in argv:
6 load_prc_file_data('', 'window-type none')
7from os.path import exists
8from traceback import print_exc
9from pmachines.pmachines import Pmachines
10from p3d_appimage import AppImageBuilder
12if __name__ == '__main__' or exists('main.pyo'):
13 pmachines = Pmachines()
14 if pmachines.updating:
15 AppImageBuilder('pmachines').update()
16 elif not pmachines.version:
17 try: pmachines.base.run()
18 except Exception:
19 print_exc()